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Electrical Circuit


An EICR is an Electrical Installation Condition Report, this report is produced during a thorough inspection & testing process of the whole electrical installation, these tests are essential in assessing the condition of the wiring which is buried within walls and under floors of your property.


Along with assessing the condition of all electrical accessories and equipment including the Consumer Unit (fusebox), sockets, switches and lighting, as these deteriorate over time, the report will clearly highlight any defects which may give rise to danger, and the outcome will either be Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.

What Tests Are Carried Out ?

  • ZE - external earthing arrangements

  • ZS - internal earthing arrangements

  • Earth Bonding

  • Insulation

  • Polarity

  • Continuity of Earthing Conductors

  • Continuity of Live Conductors

  • RCD Testing

What Is an EICR ?

What If My EICR is Unsatisfactory ?

If your EICR is Unsatisfactory, as stated above the report will clearly highlight the reasons why and which regulation it does not comply with. Along with the EICR, we will also provide you with a free quote for any remedial works, once these remedial works are carried out, we will then be able to update the EICR to Satisfactory, if your property is rented this is required to be done within 28 days. 


Do I Have To Have an EICR Carried Out ?

Landlords have always had duty to ensure their properties are safe but there was never any clear legislative requirement. Legislation has been introduced on the 1st July 2021 that any new Tenancy, renewal of a Tenancy or any tenancy that falls into a Statutory Periodic Tenancy must have a valid EICR.


For existing periodic tenancies, Landlords have until the 1st April 2021 to have a report in place. The inspections then have to be carried out every five years.

Apart from having this done because it is legally required, the most important reason is to ensure, as much as possible, the safety of users such as tenants.


How Much Will This Cost and Does This Include Remedial Works ?

The cost of an EICR varies due to the different size of properties and the complexity of the electrical installation, both of these factors will determine how long an EICR will take to carry out, for example a 1 bedroom property can be completed in a couple of hours whereas a 4 bedroom property could take a full day.


To give an idea of cost, a typical 1-2 bedroom property will cost £110, a 3 bedroom property will cost £140 and a 4 bedroom property will cost £175+, if there are additional consumer units and circuits compared to a typical installation, then these prices will increase.

These costs are for inspection, testing and producing an EICR, any remedial works will be quoted seperately. 

Do Electricians Like To Fail EICRs To Generate More Work ?

We find this is an issue for landlords and letting agents, whilst most companies are honest and impartial, there are definitely some electricians look for any reason to fail an EICR to generate more work.


These reasons are typically not genuine reasons to fail an EICR, this should only be done if there are "defects which may give rise to danger", while an installation may not be installed to the most recent set of regulations, if they were installed to the regulations at the time and present no safety issues, then these can still be passed as Satisfactory with recommended remedial action only.  

EICR Scotland will only fail your EICR for genuine reasons where there are issues giving rise to danger, with these being clearly set out in the EICR with the regulation number it does not comply with, we are impartial and our job is to give an honest assessment of the installation.

What Are The Most Common Reasons for an EICR to be Unsatisfactory ?

There are many reasons for an EICR to be deemed as Unsatisfactory, we find the most common reasons are:

  • No RCD Protection

  • No adequate Earthing / Earth Bonding

  • Damaged Sockets, Switches, Lighting

  • Bathroom Light no IP Rating

  • Consumer Unit Missing Parts / Damaged

The good news is all of these issues can be rectified quickly by our qualified electricians, and these can be repaired during the EICR to ensure a Satisfactory report is issued and to save a return visit.





You will be connected directly to one of our qualified electricians to discuss your needs and arrange your appointment.

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