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Repairs & Upgrades

Installing Electric Cables

Electrical Installation Condition Reports are essential to be carried out in your home and business as it ensures  the electrical installation is safe for continued use and will highlight any improvements or repairs that may need carried out.


Apart from being legally required, ensuring your electrics are safe  could mean the difference between life and death and we have found many dangerous installations which were just a matter of time from injuring someone.


EICR Scotland are industry experts and have carried out thousands of EICRs over the past 10 years, our prices are highly competitive and we believe we offer the best service in Scotland, all of our electricians are trained to the latest regulations, we offer exact timed appointments and issue all certificates on the same day, at no extra cost.


Consumer Unit Replacement


Sockets & Switches




Security Lighting

Does Your Property Need Upgrades ?

Wiring and accessories like sockets, switches and lighting can deteriorate over time, our qualified electricians can carry out repairs and upgrades to all of your electrical accessories and issue certification on completion.

We can carry out consumer unit replacements, upgrade sockets, switches and lights, install smoke alarms and security lights for your property.

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