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Delivering electrical testing and property maintenance services across Scotland 

EICR Scotland work with Homeowners, Landlords and Letting Agents to provide fast appointments and same day reports for your property.

We specialise in electrical testing and our electricians have been carrying out EICRs for over 10 years, we are fully qualified, accredited and work to the highest standards, we offer fast and exact timed appointments, so no waiting around all day, we also issue all reports on the same day, at no extra cost.

We also carry out all electrical repairs and maintenance of properties, smoke and heat alarm installations, consumer unit upgrades, emergency lighting testing and more.

Contact Us today by phone, email or via our contact form, and one of our electricians will be on hand to discuss your requirements and advise accordingly.

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EICRs For Your Home

Electrical Installation Condition Reports are essential to be carried out in your home to assess the safety of the installation and upgrade where required. 



EICRS For Your Business

Electrical Installation Condition Reports are essential to be carried out in your business to assess the safety of the installation and upgrade where required.



Appliance Testing

Appliance Testing

Portable and Fixed Appliance Testing is essential to be carried out in your business premises and rental properties, to ensure safety for employees and tenants.

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Letting Agents


Are Your Electrics Safe ?

We can improve electrical safety with a few upgrades.


What's Involved In EICRs ?

Find out exactly what  an EICR is and why you need one. 


EICR Costs in Scotland

Find out how much your EICR will cost and what affects these costs.

How Long Are Reports Valid ?

Find out how long your reports are valid for and how frequently you need testing carried out.


Consumer Units


The safety devices of new consumer units will dramatically improve the safety of you and your appliances, we recommend RCD and SPD for all properties, prices start at £495.


Smoke, Heat & Co2 Alarms

Fire Safety

Having adequate smoke, heat and Co2 alarms installed at your property will greatly increase the safety of your property, and alert you to any danger, and is legally required.


Repairs & Maintenance

Remedial Works

We will carry out all remedial works from unsatisfactory EICRs to bring your installation up to standard, and will recommend any upgrades that may be required.


Emergency Light Testing

Emergency Lighting

Periodic emergency lighting inspection & testing is essential to ensure these will function correctly should they be required in the event of an emergency.

Electricity Plugs


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